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What is the Open Scholars Project?

The Open Scholars Project (OSP) is a community of practice for researchers and practitioners who are curious about open access publishing, open science, and FAIR data at Florida State University, the Tallahassee community, and beyond. OSP includes faculty, graduate students, postdocs and practitioners. The goal of this community is to connect researchers and scholars from all disciplines and provide a supportive space to learn from each other, engage in candid discussions, and apply open principles to research practices.

OSP first convened in 2021 and is funded through FSU Libraries’ strategic initiative program. 

Who are OSP members?

OSP includes faculty, graduate students, postdocs and practitioners at FSU and in the Tallahassee community. Although ‘open science’ is a commonly used term, the Open Scholars Project is an interdisciplinary group with consideration and support for a variety of subject areas.

Why join OSP?

Learning new methods, tools and publishing models for research can be hard to balance with work or studies. These new methods are becoming more normal and required. Joining a research community of practice is a great way to connect with others across subject areas at Florida State University and the Tallahassee Area. You can learn and share whether you are brand new or a seasoned professional.


  • Meet others interested in open science
  • Learn about open science in different subject areas
  • Learn about news, policy, and practices for open science
  • Participate in critical discussions about cutting edge research topics
  • Ask questions to the group, including librarians, for research support
  • Get training on how to apply open science to projects and organizations
  • Learn about publishing research and digital projects
  • Learn how to demonstrate the value of open science in your academic career
  • Advocate for the advancement of open science at FSU and in the Tallahassee community

How to get involved?

We offer different levels of involvement. We understand that many people are new to open research or are busy with other projects. New members also receive our New Member Packet with helpful resources and more information about open science and the Open Scholars Project.

Tier 1: Ally

Members in the Ally tier have the opportunity to participate in regular discussions about open science, open education and open access publishing. This is an introduction to the Open Scholars Project community for new members or low commitment activities for busy members.

Tier 2: Architect

Members in this tier have the opportunity to build open science projects or revise existing projects to harness the power of open in their work. This is for the member who wants to get more involved and is able to commit to hands-on learning programs. For example, these members may participate in our Federal Funder Public Access Training.

Tier 3: Advocate

Members in this tier have the opportunity to advocate for the advancement of the Open Scholars Project as well as open science practices at FSU, the Tallahassee community and beyond. This is for members who are passionate about open science, want to invest in the community, and want to learn advocacy and leadership strategies in this area.