Federal Public Access Training

We invite you to participate in a summer training program to prepare researchers for the upcoming implementation of the U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy requirement for public access to data and publications for all federal funders beginning late 2025. This policy expands on policies already in effect for NSF and NIH since 2013 and extends them to all agencies.

The training utilizes research support units and resources at FSU. It aims to empower a cohort of researchers to gain hands-on assistance with research compliance strategies for these new public access and data-sharing policies.

The training will run virtually from June 3- July 26, 2024.

We ask participants to commit two (2) team members to regularly attend the lecture and “lab” weekly. We ask for one team member who will be a part of decision-making (e.g. faculty or staff who may write a grant, manage a lab, or provide services at a center) and a team member who will perform work related to research compliance (e.g., a graduate student who may prepare data in a format suitable for compliance with data sharing policies or sharing).

NOTE: This is NOT a mandatory training. It is an offering to support researchers who find new federal policy changes relevant to their research projects and grant proposals.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: If you are interested in participating for Summer 2024, please complete an application by Friday, May 24, 2024 by 11:59pm: https://fsu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4OcuVu2p1PWVlfE


  1. Will training be in-person or virtual?

Training sessions will be completely virtual for Summer 2024.

  1. How long is each training session?

We are planning for the sessions to be 90 minutes each (2 per week).

  1. What days will sessions be held? 

These will likely be Mondays and Fridays. Participants will be able to access the full schedule and modules when training begins.

  1. Will there be “homework” between sessions?

No, there will not be required “homework” assigned, but we will provide optional further reading and resources. We also encourage participants to find personal examples to work with in the lab sessions.

  1. What if I need to be out for a conference or other commitment(s) during the summer?

We ask that participants only miss one week if possible. There will be scheduled breaks for participants to catch up on any information they would like to review. Any session recordings will not be publicly posted for privacy.

  1. Is applying for a federal grant in the next 5 years required?

No, this is NOT a requirement. We ask about plans on the application so that we can offer as much support as possible to those who do plan to apply for federal funding under the new U.S. OSTP requirements beginning in 2025. We will also cover more information about these policies in the training.

7. Who is eligible to apply for the training?
The training is open to faculty, staff, and graduate students affiliated with Florida State University who are considering sponsored research projects. We ask that at least two members of a research team attend the training. Interested research support support staff are also eligible.

8. Is the training required by FSU?
No, this is a voluntary training to prepare researchers to comply with federal grant requirements for public access.

9. Is the training only for STEM researchers?
Current policies are relevant to STEM, social science and interdisciplinary researchers, but similar policies will expand to all federal agencies and some private funders in coming years.

Schedule and Training Module Descriptions

Times forthcoming, based on participant availability.